Stock Take/Audit Solution

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About Stock Take Manager

Stock Take / Audit Solutions

Customizable stock take solution that helps you to improve your scheduled inventory stock count and audits effectively that comes with a mobile handheld stock-take module.

How it Works

Globalsion Software team will discuss with your inventory manager to formulate the stock take or audit requirement.

A standard or customized inventory program will be provided to your company.
A inventory stock take or audit user guide will be provided to your company associate. For first time user, a user training and briefing will be provided.
Globalsion will provide the require hardware like scanner or mobile computer to the client as an automated data capture device.
All inventory capture with the handheld scanner will be then uploaded to Globalsion web base Online Stock Take Manager.
Inventory manager can download the inventory data and integrate with your existing ERP or inventory system.

Check Physical and System Variance Stock

Manager can perform stock take or audit analysis with the online system .


User do not need to invest in hardware like mobile computer or scanner.


Hardware or software are provided with on demand basis.


Globalsion will provide the best inventory management framework to our client.

Support multiple office, outlet and multiple users.

Hardware Supported

Globalsion will supports the require hardware with branding products such as :