Asset Management System

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About AMS

Asset Management System

Globalsion Asset Management System is an intuitive asset tracking solution that enable user to register and track company assets like plant and machinery, computer equipment, office equipment, vehicle and etc.. The system provide user with the full visibility of company assets, its movement and the asset transaction history. Globalsion Asset Management System is develop with Microsoft .Net Technology and power by Microsoft SQL database engine, given user the flexibility and seamless data integration with other Microsoft products like Excel, outlook and etc. Standard Asset Management System came with the a desktop and mobile computer version. The base module include:

Master Setup

Setup for user, control user access rights, vendor, employee, site, location, department, asset group, asset type as well as project and account code maintenance.

Fun Data Type Preview

Data Review fun and ease to understand

User-friendly design

Simple to register and review detail of asset

Asset Registration

Register assets, information profiling, asset insurance and warranty record as well as preventive maintenance recording.

Asset Tagging

Print and Tag the barcode label in assets to identify it as property of company.


Based on customer's requirement to design their own favourite design.

Asset Movement

Track movement of assets.

Asset Services and Maintenance Module

Service ticket issuing, resolving and update, as well as service ticket report printing.

Report and Analysis

Generate asset listing, location, site, department, employee reports, asset movement reports, as well as asset disposal listing and service report.

Mobile Module

We provide mobile asset movement, check in/check out, asset audit, as well as uploading and downloading module.