Document Tracking and Management System (DTMS)
Document Tracking and Management System (DTMS)is a web-based application and user-friendly barcode-based tracking system.
Athena Jewellery Retail System
A web based jewellery retail management software. Will help you increase revenue and productivity while retaining a competitive advantage
Stock Take Manager
Globalsion Stock Take manager is a customize stock take solution helping you to improve schedule inventory stock count and audits more effective in real time.
Asset Management System (AMS)
Globalsion Asset management System is an intuitive asset tracking solution that enable user to register and track company assets.
Warehouse Management System(WMS)
Complete warehousing functionality with Globalsion Warehouse Management System

Barcode Scanner & Mobile Computer Renting
Barcode Scanner & Mobile Computer Renting service.

White polyolefin facestock providing minimal resistance to scratching and smearing, temperatures up to 200 degrees F (93 degrees C) and up to 6 months outdoors. Offering includes semi-rigid and flexible materials for use on rough or curved surfaces.

ZebraHoneywell Scanning & MobilityEPSONDatamax O'neil

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