Document Tracking and Management System (DTMS)

Document Tracking and Management System (DTMS)is a web-based application and user-friendly barcode-based tracking system.

DTMS was initially designed with the problem of tracking files in a legal office in mind. However, the system is equally applicable to any situation where files or other assets are frequently moving between multiple locations.

All insurance firms, law offices, government agencies, bank, corporations, and many others can benefit from knowing where important documents are located. The challenge is making it easy to record when and where items are moved. Our Document Tracking and Management System uses barcodes to identify employees, locations, and material items keeping costs low yet accuracy high. The user simply scans the employee or location barcode and then each document barcode being assigned. Documents can then be located quickly with a full chain of custody report available. Simple, effective, and quick to implement!

DTMS can help you track where your documents and material items are quickly and easily!

Every organization has documents and materials that must be tracked until you no longer need the items. Our DTMS gives you advanced flexibility within a simple easy-to-use solution! Both the Location Type and Item Type functions allow you to create any structure that matches how you run your business. Documents are then created, barcode labels printed, applied, and transferred to a location or employee! A complete chain-of-custody history is then maintained.



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