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Preciworks Listing:
Preciworks ERP Software

Preciworks is design by experience Precision and Tooling industries expertise and developed by Globalsion Software.  It is a co-creation solution with  contribution from members in the Precision, Tool making, Stamping, Milling, Casting and information technology. Preciworks transform the factory operation and planning with paper works, spreadsheet to a total integrated solution.

Why Preciworks:

  • Design for the Precision and Tooling Industry
  • Intuitive design and user friendly
  • Visual BOM management module with process, material and machine 
  • Detail customer order status and progress update
  • Covering customer forecast and advance order management
  • One view MRP report.
Key features and functions
  • Unique PT no generations. PT is assign as a unique lot/batch no for a every order capture. PT no allow detail trace ability from right from order stage, work in progress until store. 
  • Advance order management. User can create advance order for repetitive customer order even before the PO to allow machine and capacity optimization. The advance order will be assign or reconcile when the actual PO receive.
  • Multi UOM. The system allow user to view in their daily operation unit of conversion either in piece length or weigh. 
  • Machine capacity setup. User can setup individual machine capacity, shift per day and ideal yield. 
  • Bill of Material. The bill of material module allow user to setup the parts requirement like material, process need, assigned machine and its alternate material and machine. 
  • Job traveler. This is a unique barcode ready job traveler indicate the processes that need to gone through. User will need to record the input/output of material, time in/out of each process with the modules.
  • Extra lot. The extra lot module enable user to create and link the additional production output that need to generate to cover process losses, scrape or damages.
  • Daily production progress view. This is the production dashboard indicating the progress of each customer order. The production dashboard will show the open order, WIP and completed orders status.
  • User and user security access module
  • Master file modules
  • Item Source modules ( BOM )
  • Sales and Distribution ( Sales Order management )
  • Material Management  ( Purchase Order management )
  • Forecast and advance order management
  • Sub contractor module
  • Production module (WIP updating)
  • Planning
  • Finish goods store management
  • Report and analysis
Preciworks is a truely Microsoft technology product. 
  • Developed with Microsoft .Net technology and 
  • Powered by Microsoft SQL database. 
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • Crystal Report
  • Codesoft barcode solution
Preciworks system requirement:


Window 2003 Server and above



Client PC:

Window XP Pro SP2/Vista Pro 

RAM 1GB and above

Hard Disk Free Space: 500MB

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